AXOR targets sophisticated cooks with FinishPlus surfaces

3. September 2018

The 15 exclusive surfaces available through AXOR FinishPlus are setting new standards in the kitchens of serious chefs. From Polished Gold Optic to Brushed Black Chrome, all of the brilliant surfaces are robust and durable thanks to manufacturing methods based on state-of-the-art engineering.

From unique pieces to large scale production, AXOR FinishPlus surfaces have exceptional character. Each colour is the result of intensive development and finishing in the AXOR vacuum chambers. An arc of light erupts in the high vacuum, as gases fuse with zirconium. The mixture is applied to the chrome surface of the faucet, adding extraordinary shine and new colour. An additional coating of up to 0.3 μm makes the faucet more resistant to scratches, cleaning agents, and salty sea air.

AXOR transforms unique taps into one-of-a-kind works of art. For instance, colours not included in the AXOR FinishPlus range, as well as customized lengths and inscriptions are all possible: personalization through the AXOR Signature service, based on the customer’s needs and preferences. AXOR can even handle the application of your own initials to the faucet – the experts can help you incorporate your personality with high-precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.
The AXOR range of kitchen mixers offers both amateur and professional chefs a multitude of possibilities for designing their individual kitchen sink environment – depending on how they choose to work with water. Those preferring the classic version of a single-lever mixer with characteristic joystick operation can opt for the AXOR Starck range of kitchen mixers. These models allow the main body to be positioned in such way that the joystick lever extends to the left or right of the spout. Left-handed or right-handed users can implement their preferred solution at the time the mixer is installed.

The freedom of controlling the water flow with a separate lever is provided by the mixers from the AXOR Citterio kitchen range: here the lever can be positioned wherever the user finds it practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing. If there is not enough room on the kitchen sink for a mixer, or if a clear, uncluttered space is preferred, then the wall-mounted AXOR Uno² is the kitchen mixer of choice. Here, too, the joystick lever can be installed to the right or the left of the spout.